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January 26, 2015- News

Fourth Annual General Meeting of Civil Bank Limited has concluded on 23 January 2015 at Tribhuvan Army Officers’ Club, Sundhara. Bank’s proposal to issue 7% bonus shares and 1.50% cash dividends to its shareholders was approved at the meeting. The Bank had been able to generate a net profit of NPR 238,099,256 (after tax) during the financial year 2070/71. Honorable Member of Constitution Assembly and the Bank’s Chairman Er. Ichchha Raj Tamang stated that the Bank successfully concluded the mergers with Axis Development Bank Limited and Civil Merchant Bittiya Sanstha Limited and started joint operations from 14th April 2014. Post-merger, the Bank’s paid-up capital has reached NPR 2.698 billion. The General Meeting also ratified the nomination of Mrs. Rita Devi Shrestha and Mr. Binod Lal Shrestha as Board of Directors from promoters group. The Bank pledged its commitment to continue with the strategy of offering technologically advanced, secured, efficient and quality banking products and services to its customers.

Promoted by the country’s well-known business personalities as well as from the general public and run by skilled management team, Civil Bank has been able to collect total deposits of NPR 23.54 billion, extend loans and advances of NPR 21.55 billion and generated the net profit of NPR 176.9 Million at the end of second quarter of running fiscal year. The Bank has extended 41 branches, 9 Branchless banking networks and 32 ATM’s across the country.