Civil Bank Swachalit Muddati Khata

Civil Bank Swachalit Muddat Khata is an interest bearing recurring deposit account targeted towards lower middle and middle class income earners (Individuals). Other target groups such as homemaker can also able to avail this product. Depositors here are restricted in terms of weithdrawal of deposits but are able to deposit unlimited amounts torwards this product. The Swachalit Muddati Khata enables the account holder to take a disciplined approach to saving so that He/she is able to make use of the funds in times when they are required the most. Moreover a competitve rate of interest that is comparable to a fixed deposit scheme, but with the added level of flexibility, allows the account holder to get a decent return on his/her investment. A fixed financial goal or objective will be achieved by the respective customers through investment in the Swachalit Muddati Khata.



6 months :- 5.00%
1 year :- 5.50%
2 years :- 5.75%
3 years :- 6.00%


For more information please call us at: 4169040 or 4169030

Or Fax us at: 4169038

Or visit our branch:
Civil Bank Limited, Classic Complex, Tindhara Road,
Kamaladi, Kathmandu-31

Or write to us:
Civil Bank Limited
P.O. Box 9799
Kathmandu, Nepal

Required Items:
- Filled application form
- Photocopy of Citizenship Certificates
- Two Passport-Sized Photographs

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