Corporate Social Responsibility

Food distribution to Nepal Children's Organization 

Civil Bank, in continuation of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) drive and marking its first anniversary, distributed dairy products and other food items to Nepal Children's Organization (NCO) located in Naxal. The sponsorship has been funded through direct contribution of all staff members of the Bank and matching contribution from the Bank. The Bank will continue its CSR activities to the disadvantaged, underprivileged and other worthy causes in days to come. Establishment of 'Civil Bank for Society' Fund and Sponsorship of Orphans

Establishment of 'Civil Bank for Society' Fund and Sponsorship of Orphans 

On the occasion of the first anniversary, Civil Bank established a social fund aptly called "Civil Bank for Society" (CBFS). The establishment was done to finance activities concerning welfare of society. CBFS has been funded through direct contribution of all staff members of Civil Bank with matching contribution from the Bank. After its formation, the Bank sponsored 3 orphans of Samaj Kalyan Bal Griha located in Panchkhal. The sponsorship will cover all living and educational expenses of the children.

Green Garb on World Environment Day 

On the occasion of World Environment Day, Civil Bank took up an initiative with the slogan "Keep your actions Clean, help make the environment Green"for becoming responsible towards protecting the environment. Due to rapid growth in population, progress in technology, change in lifestyle, and lack of care and compassion by human beings, protection of the environment has taken a back seat resulting in adverse climate change. In an effort to bring awareness among the staff of the Bank, its customers, and the general public, the Bank wore outfits that that comprised of the colour green (partially or in its entirety). The Bank also made use of environment friendly mediums of transportation such as bicycling, using public transportation, carpooling or walking to the workplace. The Bank is looking forward to giving continuity to such programs in the coming future.

Art Exhibition - 'Expression of Repression' 

Civil Bank Limited has already jumped on the bandwagon in contributing to social causes after commencing operation and being the newest commercial bank of the country. The event titled "Expression of Repression" organized by Friends Affected & Infected Together in Hand (FAITH) in support of World Aids Day 2010 was held at the Yak 'n' Yeti Hotel, Durbar Marg. The event was held on December 3rd, 2010 and included art enthusiasts, bankers, and other professionals who were presentmaking the event successful. The objectives of the event were to raise awareness of HIV through the medium of art, to bring out the repressed emotions of the affected groups to a wider audience, to create an enabling environment for stigma reduction, and to raise funds through the sale of paintings. Civil Bank staff participated in the event and the Bank, as the exhibition's corporate partner,helped out by purchasing a total of three paintings by Mr. Sohan Babu Khatri. Altogether the Bank bought paintings worth NPR 110,000. Specifically the Bank purchased: Repression and Faith at NPR 45,000 Foot Down at NPR 15,000 Cornered at NPR 50,000 The proceeds of the event will go to the FAITH Foundationwhich will establish small and medium enterprises for deprived and marginalized communities that include people living with HIV, people using drugs, children with HIV, sex workers, and others. The artists from the 'Mandala Group' started their silent theatrical presentation at the event. The drama showed the various characters in a life of a sex worker. After the drama, a visual art by '21 Films' and 'Media Act' was presented. The visual art was another powerful medium through which the issues of the hidden population could be expressed.Afterwards the audiences were actively participating in the exhibited paintings followed by a cocktail dinner where guests shared among themselves their impression on the paintings. Besides Civil Bank, the event included supporters of discrimination against people living with HIV from the field of government agencies, national and international development organizations, medical, commerce, artists and all art enthusiasts who booked the paintings of their choice.

An Innate Artist Battling Cancer

Mr. Pramod Bhattarai, an innate artist has been fighting his battle against cancer for some time. Mr. Bhattarai who makes handmade maps of Nepal prefers not to use modern technology to enhance his work. In fact he is not technologically savvy at all. Civil Bank has purchased maps from Mr. Bhattarai worth more than NPR 10,000 to help him and promote him as an artist.