Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Civil Bank Located? How do I find it?

Civil Bank is located in Classic Complex, Tindhara Road, Kamaladi, Kathmandu. Landmarks close to the Civil Bank are:
Kasthamandap Bazaar, Bakery Café,
Heritage Plaza, Foto Hollywood,
Mom's Kitchen, An An Restaurant.
You can ask for directions by calling: 4169040 or 4169030
Location map of Classic Complex:


What are your rates?

For a detailed listing of rates, please follow the link below:


How do I open a personal account? What are the documentations required to open the account?

Visit our branch and simply ask for a personal account opening form at the 'Business Desk' counter, or visit the following link to download the forms, then print it, fill it, and submit it at the branch for prompt action. http://wwww.civilbank.com.np/links/download.php
The required documentations to open a personal account are a photocopy of the individual's citizenship and two passport-sized photographs. In the event the accountholder is a minor, then a birth certificate together, with two passport-sized photos and a signed citizenship copy of the guardian are also required.


Do you offer an account for senior citizens?

Yes we do. Civil Bank has introduced an accountcalled the 'Civil Bank Ama Buwa Bachat Khata.' The product contains various features useful for the senior citizens of the country. For more information please visit the following link: http://wwww.civilbank.com.np/2012/02/06/Civil-Bank-Ama-Buwa-Bachat-Khata/7/


What are the types of deposits and savings account schemes do you offer?

We offer various deposits and savings schemes targeting various segments of society. We have the following products for our customers:
Savings Products:
Civil Bank Mero Bachat Khata (a zero balance account)
Civil Bank Kishor Bachat Khata (an account for children)
Civil Bank Ama Buwa Bachat Khata (an account for senior citizens)
Civil Bank Nari Bachat Khata (an account targeting women)
Civil Bank Gold Savings Account.
Civil Bank Silver Savings Account.
Civil Bank Salary + Account
Civil Bank Laganikartako Khata
Civil Bank Bijulee Remit Savings
Deposit Products:
Civil Bank Fixed Deposit


What are the loan products?

Personal Banking
Civil Bank Personal Mortgage Loan
Civil Bank Home Loan
Civil Bank Hire Purchase Loan
Civil Bank Loan Against Fixed Deposit Receipt
Civil Bank Loan Against Government Bond/Securities
Civil Bank Loan Against Shares

Business Banking
Civil Bank Easy Business Loan
Civil Bank SME Loan


What sizes of deposit lockers do you have?

Locker size A
(H" X W" X D") 6.3 X 8.4 X 19.6
Locker size B
(H" X W" X D") 5 X 14 X 19.6
Locker size C
(H" X W" X D") 11 X 14 X 19.6
Locker size D
(H" X W" X D")  7.5 X 21 X 19.6